Combating Cancer
Why Cost Conscience Employers care About Cancer

Municipal Health Insurance Forum
November 28, 2017 | Worcester, Massachusetts



Susan Scherer RN, BSN, OCN
RN Cancer Guides Solutions

Susan Scherer’s medical career spans over 28 years. Her experience ranges from working in trauma, diagnostic coding, neurological, medical and surgical intensive care units, neurological-oncology, endocrine cancer and disorders to oncological emergency medicine.

Susan has traveled the globe attending and participating in oncology research and acquiring an extensive oncology education learning the latest cancer treatments, best practices with emphasis in patient education and advocacy. Susan received her Bachelors in Science of Nursing at the University of South Florida. She has been a national speaker on various radio and television programs discussing cancer patient advocacy and navigation.

Susan Scherer founded RN Cancer Guides Solutions which allowed her to have a greater impact on cancer care for patients and their families by breaking down the financial, medical and emotional barriers. By appreciating and utilizing the intellectual capital and experience of oncology certified nurses, she can not only reach private patients but impact high corporate cancer claims by developing the first known ECAP™ (Employee Cancer Assistance Program) in existence. In 2014, she founded the 501 (c)3 RNCG Angel Foundation to assist those in need that may not have the financial resources to navigate the complicated healthcare system.

Throughout her career, Susan has dedicated herself to serving others from being an enlisted member of the US Air Force, assisting Hurricane Katrina victims, maintaining leadership roles in the Oncology Nursing Society and Co- chairing the Florida Southwest Cancer Control Collaborative.