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Group Benefits Strategies
11 Midstate Drive
Suite 200
Auburn, Massachusetts USA 01501

Phone: 1-800-229-8008

Business Hours: 8a-5p M-T, 7:30a-1p F

GBS Team

Kate Sharry – President
Extension 126 • ksharry@gbs-consult.com
Gretchen Grogan -Accounting and COBRA Manager
Extension 117 • ggrogan@gbs-consult.com
Carol Cormier – Vice President
Extension 136 • ccormier@gbs-consult.com
Ruth Lynch – Enrollment and Billing Manager
Extension 124 • rlynch@gbs-consult.com
Karen Carpenter • Account Rep. for Large Accounts
Extension 130 • kcarpenter@gbs-consult.com
Chris Nunnally – Account Executive
Extension 112 • cnunnally@gbs-consult.com
Pam Smith – Financial Analyst
Extension 111 • psmith@gbs-consult.com
Diane LaFlash – Account/Financial Manager
Extension 132 • dlaflash@gbs-consult.com
Karen Quinlivan  Enrollment Specialist
Extension 114 • kquinlivan@gbs-consult.com
Emmilee Roach – Administrative Assistant
Extension 110 • eroach@gbs-consult.com

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From Boston

Start out going west on State St. toward Congress St.
Take the 1st left onto Congress St.
Turn right onto Purchase St.
Stay straight to go onto John F Fitzgerald Surface Rd.
John F Fitzgerald Surface Rd becomes Albany St.
Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Tpke W toward Worcester (Portions toll).
Take the I-290 exit, EXIT 10, toward MA-12/I-395/Auburn/Worcester.
Keep right to take the MA-12 S ramp toward US-20 W/Charlton/Sturbridge.
Turn slight right onto Southbridge St/MA-12.
Turn right onto Goulding Dr.
Take the 1st right onto Midstate Dr.
11 MIDSTATE DR is on the left.

From Worcester

Merge onto I-290 W toward Auburn.
Take EXIT 8 toward MA-12 S/Webster.
Turn left onto Oxford St N.
Turn slight right onto Southbridge St/MA-12.
Southbridge St is just past Linda Ave
Turn right onto Goulding Dr.
Take the 1st right onto Midstate Dr.
11 MIDSTATE DR is on the left.

From Providence

Merge onto I-95 N.
Merge onto RI-146 N via EXIT 23 toward Woonsocket/Lincoln.
Take RI-146 N/N Smithfield Expy N toward Worcester MA (Crossing into Massachusetts).
RI-146 N/N Smithfield Expy N becomes MA-146 N.
Take EXIT 10 toward US-20/I-90/Boston/Springfield.
Merge onto Route 20 Connector.
Merge onto I-90 W/Massachusetts Tpke W via the ramp on the left toward Springfield
Take the I-290 exit, EXIT 10, toward MA-12/I-395/Auburn/Worcester.
Keep right to take the MA-12 S ramp toward US-20 W/Charlton/Sturbridge.
Turn slight right onto Southbridge St/MA-12.
Turn right onto Goulding Dr.
Take the 1st right onto Midstate Dr.
11 MIDSTATE DR is on the left.