COBRA Administration

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Experience and Technology

The GBS COBRA staff is knowledgeable in the ever-changing rules of COBRA administration. We have made a substantial investment in a software system to help our clients with the burdensome task of COBRA service.

The staff reviews all COBRA policies, documents, letters, and forms in use by the client to make sure they comply with recent rulings and regulations. They develop COBRA policies with the client and hold informational meetings with the benefit administrator to explain COBRA procedures, employer responsibilities for supplying information, and distribute forms.

If the client so wishes, GBS will assume COBRA administration for current COBRA subscribers. We will mail COBRA election notices to Qualified Beneficiaries (& spouses if family coverage) to notify subscribers of their COBRA rights, options, deadlines and rates. If the Qualified Beneficiary elects COBRA, GBS will send a COBRA coupon book for payments. GBS will receive monthly premium payment checks from COBRA beneficiaries.

Several options are available to the employer regarding payment of premiums to health plans or to the employer’s claims account.

GBS will provide the client with monthly reports on COBRA activities and premiums collected.

During a client’s annual open enrollment period, GBS will mail packets to COBRA beneficiaries with health plan information explaining choices, rates, and deadlines for submitting enrollment information. GBS will deal directly with the COBRA beneficiary and will extend our toll free phone number service to them. GBS staff subscribes to Dept. of Labor updates on COBRA and will inform the client/qualified beneficiary of any changes.



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