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Strategies and Philosophies

Group Benefits Strategies is proud to share some of the proactive and innovative approaches that our clients have implemented to help their employees maximize the potential of their benefit programs while at the same time managing their own budget expectations.

It’s challenging to find balance between the two responsibilities. That’s why we want to share their success stories. Our goal is to bring together the best ideas and best practices in one convenient place so that all may benefit.

If you have something that you’d like to share…please let us know!


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Burlington, MA

Burlington has been a valued client since 2013. GBS works with Town administration, union representatives, carriers and wellness vendors to put in place a benefit package which helps the Town attract and retain talented employees. The Town was one of the first of GBS’ clients to introduce $1000/$2000 deductible plans to help manage health insurance premium increases. In doing do, GBS worked with the Town to give employees tools to manage their deductible and become smart consumers of health insurance. Programs like CanaRx alternative prescription purchasing allows members to get certain maintenance medications without a copay. Simple Save® offered by Shields MRI, and Abacus’ Diabetes Rewards® programs are examples of options available to employees to keep out-of-pocket costs down. The Town is currently evaluating a program which encourages and rewards employees to choose healthier options at the grocery store. Burlington is unique in the way they approach changes to health insurance. They are ahead of the curve compared to many other municipalities. Their comprehensive wellness initiatives are inspired by all-around well-being – cooking classes, fitness challenges, yoga, etc.

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