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Providing Expert Health Insurance Consulting for Over 25 Years.
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GBS has decades of benefits management experience. As a result of our success, GBS has grown to be the largest group health care consulting firm in Massachusetts serving the public sector.


Our recommendations always focus on our clients best interests, presenting innovative ideas to drive down their cost and risk, while improving the quality care offerings to employees.


Our experience, reputation and outstanding team of professionals puts GBS on the leading edge for navigating today’s health insurance matters. Your audit will be conducted efficiently and with an obsessive attention to detail.


We provide full COBRA administration to take the burden off employers and streamline the process for participants. Upon receipt of the Qualifying Even form, GBS manages the administrative duties and assumes full responsibility and liability for the COBRA services we perform on your behalf.


Our mission is to help our clients gain control of their group health care costs.
GBS recognizes that because of the magnitude of this problem, traditional solutions are an inadequate line of defense.
Our clients know our strategies work and have contributed significantly towards their ability to gain control over group health care costs.

Areas of Expertise


  • Review of Health Vendor Proposals/Quotes and Negotiations with Health Vendors
  • Utilization Analysis and Reports
  • Health insurance consulting for self-funded and fully insured clients
  • Plan Design, Review and Analysis
  • Central Benefits Administration
  • State and Federal Health Insurance Assistance for Compliance
  • COBRA Administration and Service
  • Collective Bargaining Support
  • Direct Billing
  • Open Enrollment Assistance
  • Member Eligibility Audits
  • Medicare Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Administration
  • Benchmark plan analysis
  • Budgetary Review

“As a member of the Minuteman Nashoba Health Group, I have worked with GBS, specifically Carol Cormier for many years.

I greatly value the expertise and guidance that GBS provides us in a very complicated health insurance environment. Our joint purchase is a success because of the advice and leadership GBS provides to our group every day.”
Donna Madden – Chairman, Minuteman Nashoba Health Group


Section 125

A Section 125 plan allows employees to pay for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis.

Penalties Increase for 2018

Final rule published that sets forth annual inflation adjustments.


IRS has determined that there is no need for additional time for employers, etc.

Health Insurance Reform

The past several years have brought many changes to the ways in which employers, carriers and providers deal with health insurance. Regulations, mandates and fees have become complex and costly. Group Benefits Strategies assists clients with complying with certain parts of the law, particularly those pertaining to benefits, deadlines, reporting requirements, and fees.

GBS communicates with carriers and legal firms, and has access to publications that break these issues down by timelines and the necessary steps that employers need to take.

GBS also conducts seminars for clients, and sends bi-weekly email communications in order to keep clients informed of state and federal issues. With the uncertainly of the current federal administration, GBS is committed to informing clients on any proposed changes to the law and how they might affect employers and employees.

What is COBRA?

COBRA establishes required periods of coverage for continuation health benefits. A plan, however, may provide longer periods of coverage beyond those required by COBRA.

COBRA beneficiaries generally are eligible for group coverage during a maximum of 18 months for qualifying events due to either employment termination or reduction of hours of work.

Certain qualifying events, or a second qualifying event during the initial period of coverage, may permit a beneficiary to receive a maximum of 36 months of coverage.

Communication between COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc. and employers is a key component to ensuring that both parties comply with all Federal regulations, as they pertain to COBRA, HIPAA and FMLA.


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What is the GIC?

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) was established by the Legislature in 1955 to provide and administer health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth’s employees, retirees, and their dependents. The City of Springfield would later become the first municipality to enroll in the state’s health insurance plans beginning January 1, 2007. Today, 61 public entities are part of the state-run group health insurance plan.

Why companies self-fund

Most employers have an understanding of what self-insuring their medical cost involves. But let’s take a look at why company self-funds. What does it mean for their employees? 3 out of 5 American workers are currently being covered by employer-based self-insured health plans.

What is an HSA?

What is an HSA? This 90-second video breaks down how a health savings account (HSA) works and why employees should consider one.